Kameron Campbell
Kameron Campbell is synonymous with “crooked nose” in Gaelic. It also translates to Graphic Artist, Color Theorist, and chief creature at Creative Creatures & Co., a young artist collective in Southern California. Kameron received her Bachelors of Arts Degree from California State University, Long beach and has since travelled the world, lived in New York City, and worked with talented artists and designers along the way. She believes in sustainable, beautiful art practices and is inspired by the mark-makings of P. Klee and Picasso. She now resides in Southern California, where her passion is focused on instilling creative confidence in children through the artistic endeavors of Creative Creatures & Co.


Current Location: San Juan Capistrano, California

Creative Medium: Micron Pens & Recycled Paper

Finish this sentence: I’m a Creative Creature because… 
I love Childhood imagination. I’m constantly creating, with the need to create art that makes people laugh.

What inspires you to create?
I search for inspiration in everything, from the shell of a snail to an old worn book. I am inspired by the chipped paint on subway walls and the rusted roofs fading from copper to green. I find ordinary things intriguing and beauty in simplicity.

Who is your favorite artist?
Paul Klee. The markmakings of Klee make me smile, as does his quote, “A line is a dot that goes for a walk.” It reminds me to stay youthful in my creativity.